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Fab Powder Concentrated Detergent offers quality results for any laundry environment. The formula dissolves in hot or cold water. The Fab line of detergents works equally well in soft or hard water environments, as it is ideal for cleaning uniforms and linens. Known to lift off dry stains with ease, Fab Powder Concentrated Detergent is designed to improve the feel and color of any fabric. Fab Powder Concentrated Detergent enhances the vibrancy of white fabrics, displaying dramatic results after just one wash.

Wildflower Medley Laundry​ Pods

Powdered Laundry Detergent

Wildflower Medley Powder Laundry​

Sunset Symphony Laundry​ Pods

Sunset Symphony Powder Laundry​

Love Duet Laundry​ Pods

Fab Powdered Detergent

Love Duet Powder Laundry​

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